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Here is my gradually growing list of Certified Strong Approved youtube “how to videos.”  That’s right, I filter out the crap for you by posting quality instructional videos from high level lifting coaches.

Powerlifting Squat (low bar, wide stance):

The squat video goes over some of the very best squat and deadlift assistance exercises in parts 4 and 5.  They include: glute-ham raise, reverse hyper extensions, seated(spine) good mornings, and some ab-work.  All-in-all great video!

Strict Seated Good Morning(hips): – Key points are that his back stays arched and solid while hinging at the hips.  Your range of motion will depend on your flexibility – no matter what – maintain your back arch perfectly – never round it to go lower!

Olympic Squat (high bar, narrow stance):

Pretty good instructional here.  Only thing I’d add is make sure you initiate the movement with your hips ie. the hips break just a split second before the knees at the top to start moving down.  As seen in this video, look closely at these amazing olympic squats! The weights he’s saying are in kilograms:

Bench Press:


Bent-over Row:

Front Squat grips:

Front Squat Technique:

Box Squat: This first video, by Joe Defranco is a good one for breaking down                                  the movment.

However these two are built on more knowledge, so any conflicting points do what you learn in these two by Louis Simmons from West Side Barbell:

P.S. The box squat is the best way to learn to squat!  Good to revisit periodically too.

Power Clean: This is a very technical lift, I will post several videos that I believe will add up to all you need to know.  Also, pay attention to any comments I write about this lift.  No matter what you learn here this is a very good lift to do with someone who has valid experience.

Pretty good run down of the basic considerations: – from the side view notice how much his hips come through/extend – his whole body is arched backwards – aim for this! – longer vid, but great!  Breaks down the movement into it’s different phases, good video and dialogue.  Only thing he doesn’t do, but he does talk about is the “high elbows” that should come after the “jump shrug” as he calls it, and before dropping under for the catch.

This old school video not only has great outfits, but shows 2 very nice clean and jerks in real time then slow motion. – Pay particular attention to the elbows before, during and after the catch.  It is VERY FAST, the elbows do their thing in like .3 of a second.  But you should notice they come up high like a scare-crow, then they swing around and under the bar as you pull yourself down under the bar and they end up high in front after the catch. Key – the bar moves up in a straight line, your elbows move around the bar, the bar does NOT swing out to go around your elbows like a reverse curl!

Hang Clean: This will focus your efforts on the hips, shrug and catch part of a power clean.  Good idea to learn these first, while perfecting your front squat. – great video by strength camp, ignore what he says and does with his elbows though.  Everything in this video is spot on except the elbow advice – for correct elbows pre and post catch check out the old school power clean video above, and for the proper elbows after the catch that this guy talks about incorrectly – check out this video, just focus on the elbows post catch: – yes he moves his elbows out even more to prepare for the jerk portion of the lift, but they are never inside his shoulders – the most important part is that they are up in front with the hands outside your shoulders.

DB Clean and Press: – This guy does a pretty good job covering the basics and I like how he differentiates between the strict press and push press, the next progression to that is the actual jerk where there is no “pressing” motion at all.  I like that he mentions bringing the elbow up first – leading with the elbow on the way up.  Make sure you watch the power clean videos above first as they will give you all the info you need regarding getting the hips through, shrugging, elbows, catching, etc…

Barbell High Pulls: – Great way to learn the clean without the catch.  Simplifies it so you can focus on one part at a time.

Note: I recommend learning to high pull, front squat, and hang clean to work each part of the full power clean.  That way when you start doing full cleans you’re just putting it all together.

Snatch High Pull: – Just a really good demo in real time and slo-mo as it is all the same principles described above in the clean material.

Overhead Squat: – Same way you should get good at front squats before doing power cleans you should get good at these before attempting the power snatch.

Power Snatch: – good instruction, not the best demo as he fails to reach the “high elbows” position on the way up and the bar swings out away from him a bit.  Here is a good demo or two: – keep in mind you won’t see that much actual elbow bend with the snatch vs the clean and at the weights that these guys are lifting.  The most noticeable sign that it is happening to a degree is the path the bar takes on the way up – doesn’t swing out – you will notice that it does move back just a little bit as it settles over the head – but it stays close to the body the whole way up until the lifter drops underneath for the catch.

Note: Like the clean, learn the parts of the snatch first then put it together.  The parts are – the snatch high pull, the hang snatch, the overhead squat.  Enjoy!

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