THE Volume Table: Want to Know How Many Sets and Reps You Should be Doing?

Prelipin's table

This is the staple behind every great strength training workout plan.  This is more solid than the iron you’re lifting.  This is how much work you should be doing in the gym.  Contact me with any questions.

Author: Shawn McKay

I have been an athlete all my life. I played football, rugby and wrestled throughout high school. I earned a dual athletic scholarship to Simon Fraser University for football and wrestling. I graduated SFU with a BSc. Kinesiology and a Certificate of Health and Fitness. I began working as a personal trainer in 2007 and positively affected the lives of a wide variety of clientele from athletes to retirees. I quickly identified that in order to really create change in people's lives I needed to be more than just an "exercise instructor"; I needed to be a good coach. I am very passionate about wholistic coaching to improve performance and lifestyle.

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