Positive, Purposeful Change

What changes have you made recently?  Humans are typically creatures of habit.  We typically fear change.  I think we fear change because we are surviving under the current circumstances, and any change to our situation or environment might result in us no longer surviving, or experiencing some variety of negative emotions.  I say embrace change!  Change is good!  Change makes us learn and grow stronger!

Life and everything in it responds to stimuli, including the situation of no stimuli.  There is no such thing as a maintenance phase, or remaining just how you are.  Every living thing on the planet is always changing; adapting and evolving in response to their environment.  If you’re environment is soft and easy and unchallenging then you will become weak and unable.  If you’re environment is challenging and hard then you will become strong and able.

I’m not saying to put yourself in dire circumstances.  I’m simply illustrating the fact that humans need change.  On the broad scale, static sitting, and all the negative health consequences it causes, is officially an epidemic.  Globally, obesity is an epidemic.  If obesity and static, prolonged sitting were deadly viruses or bacteria they would rival the plague!  The plague was estimated to kill 30-60% of Europe’s population in the 14th century.  In 2011 WHO reports that cardiovascular disease alone was responsible for 3 in 10 worldwide deaths. Also, “non-communicable diseases were responsible for two-thirds of all deaths globally in 2011, up from 60% in 2000. The four main NCDs are cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and chronic lung diseases.” (http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs310/en/index2.html)  These 4 main killers are exacerbated by static sitting and obesity, and minimized by a good diet and exercise.

So yes, if plague proportions of people are dying due to current work situations and laziness then we need change!  If someone was dangling you off a cliff by the ankle, or holding a gun to your head what would you be willing to do to live?  In that scenario you have no control – not up to you.  In our real world, daily scenario you do have the control to do something about it and live!  It isn’t even that hard or absurd of a thing you have to do.  Eat right and exercise and do these things always and forever – not in phases or bursts.  Feel good, get what you want out of life and live longer and happier as a result.  Why aren’t you doing this yet!?

Yes, change is unfamiliar and scary, but it is necessary.  Right away to embrace change is to become comfortable with the unfamiliar and face your fears.  You will also grow as a person, more self-aware and stronger from whatever specific change you go through.  Everyone who is great at anything, or successful took their lumps, failed a number of times but keep growing and learning and changing and adapting until they got it right.  Then they kept changing and adapting to keep what they worked so hard for.  In short, positively motivated, purposeful change is success no matter how you look at it.  I challenge everyone to make one significant change to their life this week!  Let me know about it and how it goes!

Author: Shawn McKay

I have been an athlete all my life. I played football, rugby and wrestled throughout high school. I earned a dual athletic scholarship to Simon Fraser University for football and wrestling. I graduated SFU with a BSc. Kinesiology and a Certificate of Health and Fitness. I began working as a personal trainer in 2007 and positively affected the lives of a wide variety of clientele from athletes to retirees. I quickly identified that in order to really create change in people's lives I needed to be more than just an "exercise instructor"; I needed to be a good coach. I am very passionate about wholistic coaching to improve performance and lifestyle.

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